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Understanding the concepts of jiu jitsu is paramount to developing a strong, well-rounded game. These fundamental concepts are explored in great depth and detail in these classes and are the perfect way to build a solid jiu jitsu foundation.  

Everyone is encouraged to come to these classes, not just the new students. These classes are ideal for anyone trialling jiu jitsu for the first time and we recommend students wishing to commence training start in one of these classes. 



A typical fundamentals class includes a warm-up which may incorporate some of the common jiu jitsu movement patterns such as learning to fall correctly and 'hip-escape'. After the warm-up students will observe and learn a specific technique before pairing up to practice. 


Our fundamentals program is comprised of several topics. Each topic will be instructed on for one to two weeks before moving onto the next topic. Once all topics are covered the program returns again to the first topic. This circular program structure means if you miss a topic you can be assured it will be covered again and new students can start at any time. 

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