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Our school follows the traditional rules of Jiu Jitsu good conduct. It’s up to each student to honour them and to follow them with sincerity.


  1. Respect your Professor, respect your teammates, respect the training area.

  2. No coaching your children or other students during class. 

  3. No foul language inside the school.

  4. If you are late for class, wait outside the mats until the Professor gives you permission to join.

  5. Do not leave the mats during class without permission of the Professor or Coach.

  6. When the Instructor is demonstrating the techniques, students must sit or stand with good posture.

  7. Talking should be kept to a minimum and should relate to the class content.

  8. Always wear your shoes or sandals when you are off the mats, if your feet are dirty use the wipes next to the mats to clean them before class starts.

  9. Please be mindful of our uniform policy; white GI's for kids and white or black GIs for adults plus a rashguard are worn. For No GI classes, a Portal rashguard with black shorts (no pockets or zippers) or tights are worn.  All visitors must wear a clean white or black GI with no other school or affiliation patches.

  10. Take care of your hygiene: the GI and rashguard should always be clean and washed, fingernails and toenails neatly trimmed.

  11. Always acknowledge the mats when entering or leaving.

  12. Shoes, food, drinks and electronic devices are not allowed on the mats.

  13. Respect families, team-mates and visitors by using the change room/ bathroom available when getting dressed before and after class.

  14. Remove any metal objects, jewellery, piercings, necklaces, accessories and nail polish. Long hair must be fastened with an elastic.    

  15. Be aware of what is happening around you. Take responsibility for yourself and your team mates. Train with energy, but always respecting the physical integrity of your teammates.

  16. In class there are always people of different ages, physical ability, different abilities and possibilities. Be aware of your limitations. Each individual has different reasons to be on the mat. 

  17. Jiu jitsu is a medium for personal development, for the training of the body, mind and spirit. Respect, sincerity, humility, cooperation, harmony and goodwill are essential to the practitioners of the gentle art.  

  18. Be humble, learn, implement and represent your flag, we are Portal!  oss

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